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Google AdSense Account Earn money

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Google AdSense Account Earn money

Today, We want to share with you Google AdSense Account Earn money.
In this post we will show you How to Create Adsense Account – Step by step, hear for make money with google adsense we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Create an AdSense account – Google AdSense with an example.

What We will learn Before Google Adsense?

1.Create an Google Adsense account
2.Create hosted Google adsense account
3.Blogger Adsense
4.Adsense approval
5.Adsense payment

create Google Adsense Account

Step 1: Google Adsense – Sign Up Now

1.First of all the Going to the Google Adsense and choose the red button for Google Adsense ‘Sign Up Now’. And then We will Search option to create a any new Google account or choose to use existing your any account. We can either use Our Gmail google address or any URL domain-specific email address so use here if We have.



Step 2: Linking of website URL or blog

2 . Complete the Google Adsense simple below registration form. This is quite effortless as it requires entering the URL website address and selecting the content Data language. We can specify Our website URL or need to blog address to continue step 3.

Create an Google Adsense account steps

Step 3: Payment information

3. Enter the appropriate Information ‘Payee name’. Make sure We use the same name of passbook under which We own a any bank account. So here change the payee name can become some times difficult later. Therefor, ensure that Our payee name and some IMP bank account name or More Details are the same. After that, We can fill in Our contact information and other details to proceed. These include Our full Person name, Person address, Person country and Mobile or phone and will be used when We payment receive Our google adsense payment.

Create an Google Adsense account

Create an Google Adsense account

Step 4: Google Adsense Read Terms

4. Read all the Google Adsense policies and check all the three boxes to agree to Google Adsense privacy and policies. So first checked, click on the simple next ‘Submit’ button as well as the next page some more info lets We review all the More details provided. Here, We can assume that We have entered the correct and preview up-to-date submit information.



Step 5: Submit Our application

5. Click on this ‘Submit my application’ button to All complete the registration.

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Step 6: Make Ads on Google Adsense

6. Once We sign up for Google Adsense,simple go to the google dashboard. Make an Ad unit select tabs. We will get a simple script like javascript code. Here Ads script Copy this script code and paste your blogs ot it in Our website (mostly in the header section or homepage in the side bar section)

Our application will then be reviewed or checked all the requirements full fill or not by the adsense team . The review all the process may take some days to weeks.Google will send We an email when Our adsense is approved or not. Once approved, We can start show Google ads on Our site and earn money.

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How to get Adsense approval

While applying for Google adsense Approval, Our website Allow some need the following All the requirements

1. The website Allow be 6 or more than 6 months old
2. The content Allow be Data unique
3. The website Allow have atleast minimum 25-35 posts
4. The site Allow have a navigation proper Terms and Conditions Page, about us page, contact page and privacy policy.

Create Blogger Google Adsense account

Make a Google blog on blogger (Check this post on how to Earn Money using Google Adsense start a blog on Blogger) . Add 25-35 posts .

In the Google dashboard, We can Search the option Tab Like “connect to adsense”. when We will simple click this, We will be taken to a page that prompts Like as a sign up form for adsense with existing gmail Google account, or make a new google account It is Generally advisable to have the same Google account for both google blogger and Google adsense.

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Sign up for Google adsense and Our web site will be check or reviewed manually. Once approved We can simple customize Our website or blog layout on where to display the Ads.

Google Adsense payment

The payment amount earned is paid via EFT (Bank WireFrame) or through cheque.
Once the amount reaches USD $10 , a pin will be sent to Home Address or Our Email Address . We have to enter this simple Secreate pin and complete the tax form Like as a [whichever applicable] to get 18 years eligible for adsense payment.

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