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Linking Google Analytics and AdSense accounts

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Linking Google Analytics and AdSense accounts

Today, We want to share with you Google AdSense – Linking Google Analytics and AdSense accounts.
In this post we will show you Link Analytics and AdSense, hear for Integrating AdSense into Google Analytics we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about How to Link Google Analytics with another Google AdSense Account with an example.

How to link a google AdSense account to a google Analytics

Step 1:First of all Gmail Login to your Google AdSense account.

Step 2:Here Simple Select Home tab, And Go to visit the Account settings On Google AdSense page.

Step 3:Here only choose Access and authorization Tab section, And then select Google Analytics integration, Please click edit.

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Step 4:Click to the “Google Analytics integration” page, Press the button Link under the simple tab Actions. Display here simple warn Do not any click the Google analytics web site address. This will not work. and then Please Click the button or this Link. After that A new window opens and You are taken to your Google Analytics account.

Step 5:using Google Analytics, Push or click simple Link Accounts.

Step 6:Simple windows dialog box that appears here, specify your email address primary google Analytics property and display all the traffic Analytics views, then simple click Continue.

Step 7:Your Main primary website for Google AdSense and secondary Analytics some other email address properties are listed under the google AdSense tab section, and your Google AdSense and google Analytics accounts are now linked successfully.

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IMP NOTE : Never click your own Google adds

No Any matter how tempting, never ever click on your own Google ads. It is effect of the simple way to get your site banned. This is a form of any click in Activity or duplicity, as well as Google Network is Best good at some info catching or tracking this, even if you think you are all the Info hiding your All pages, post or Activity tracks.

don not let’s anyone person who uses any system computer in your home based any click on your google ads, either. Make sure your significant others and children are aware of the rules, or you could jeopardize your standing with Google.

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We hope you get an idea about Linking Google Analytics To Google AdSense
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