All coins and Cryptocurrency Data API PHP, Ruby, Python

All coins and Cryptocurrency Data API PHP, Ruby, Python

Today, We want to share with you All coins and Cryptocurrency Data API PHP, Ruby, Python.
In this post we will show you CryptoCoinCharts API, hear for Cryptocurrency Data API Cryptocurrency real time we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about API for all coins and cryptocurrency trading pairs with an example.

All coins and Cryptocurrency Price Data API

CryptoCompare currency is an interactive Main Display All the platform where We can discuss the More latest Crypto Digital currency trends and Checl Live monitor all The cryptocompare markets More streaming in Live real time.

Live CoinList PHP GET Method URL

Get All the Live currency COIN general info for all the Digital coins available on This website.

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Success examples

This PHP api should never any type of the return an error, and also a 500 error if there is an some issue with in this site Like as a cryptocompare

	"Response": "Success",
	"Message": "Coin list succesfully returned!", //message
	"BaseImageUrl": "", //cryptocompare
	"BaseLinkUrl": "", //Base Link cryptocompare
	"Data": {
		"BTC": {
			"Id": "4042",
			"Url": "/coins/btc/overview",
			"ImageUrl": "/media/19782/btc.png",
			"Name": "BTC",
			"CoinName": "Litecoin",
			"FullName": "Litecoin (BTC)",
			"Algorithm": "Scrypt",
			"ProofType": "PoW",
			"SortOrder": "3"
	    ...//Display All currency
	"Type": 100

Full Source Code Get COIN List using PHP


$curl = curl_init();		

curl_setopt_array($curl, array(		  
CURLOPT_URL => "",		  
echo "<pre>";
$response = curl_exec($curl);				
$currency_data = json_decode($response, true);	

foreach ($currency_data['Data'] as $row) {
	$rowData[] = $row; 
foreach ($rowData as $rowval) {
	echo $fullname =  $rowval['FullName'];
	echo $coinname = $rowval['CoinName'];
	echo $imageurl =  "".$rowval['ImageUrl'];
	echo "<br/";

List Of the cryptocurrency

There Are the List Of The Crypto currency Like : Cryptsy, BTER, Poloniex, Gateio, HuobiPro, Cexio, BTCE, BitTrex, Kraken, Bitfinex, HitBTC, btcXchange, BTC38, Coinfloor, Bithumb, CHBTC, Huobi, CCCAGG, LakeBTC, Coinse, MonetaGo, Gatecoin, Gemini, CCEDK, Cryptopia, Korbit, BitBay, QuadrigaCX, BitSquare, Vaultoro, MercadoBitcoin, TheRockTrading, bitFlyer, Quoine, bitFlyerFX, TuxExchange, BitMarket, LiveCoin, Coinone, Tidex, Bleutrade, Jubi, Zaif, Binance, Lykke, OKCoin, Yunbi, itBit, Coinbase, ANXBTC, Bit2C, Remitano, Exmo, Bitso, Unocoin, BTCXIndia, CryptoX, Liqui, MtGox, Paymium, Novaexchange, Yobit, Coinroom, WavesDEX, BTCChina, Bitstamp, Abucoins, Coinsetter, CCEX, BTCMarkets, Luno, EtherDelta, EthexIndia, ViaBTC, Coincheck, Yacuna, LocalBitcoins, BXinth, OKEX

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Also Available of the crypto currency API


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