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Fresher PHP WEB Developer Salary Range Level

Fresher PHP WEB Developer Salary Range Level

The average pay for a it developer or PHP Web Developer in Ahmedabad(India), Gujarat is Rs 162,152 per year. The skills test and work to that increase pay for this job or work the most are WordPress cms and Model-view-controller (MVC). for Fresher PHP WEB Developer Salary Range Level.

The Main Salary of PHP developer basic depends on the gained or output experience and knowledge.

The PHP developer Average range salary starts from 150000 per year(1-year) for freshers of php developer and for experienced person more than salary it is totally depends on the output knowledge person have.

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Others way :

now Well, PHP developer(in it) or MCA,BCA students can earn very good amount doing the freelancing which is quite not more any languages possible for other any technologies.

Now, the main thing to most imp consider at this point is PHP developer or any single skill know for that matter can yield you wealth only to a certain limit.

php developer at Perception System

Salaries according to Indian Cities :

  • Bangalor :85150 to 484800
  • Chennai :72300 to 498350
  • Kolkata : 58700 to 349050
  • Hyderabad :87740 to 304105
  • Ahmedabad84900 to 367700
  • Mubai :70000 to 392000
  • Pune :71520 to 441000

I hope A PHP Developer earns an average salary of Rs 206,763 per year. with The many skills that increase pay for this job the most are Drupal and Laravel, Model-view-controller (MVC), Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Angularjs,jQuery, and MySQL.

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salary depends on multiple factors:

  • Experience Level (total number of year & number of projects done)
  • depends on Colleges & Education
  • Previous maintain history Track/Performance record
  • Skills set(Natioal certification) and certification
  • Companie’s for tarining standards and location
  • Your negotiation skill Like as (PHP, Laravel)

About PHP developer salary Range

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PHP Developer – Freshers 8-12K.
After 1 year – 16K
After 2 year – 22K
After 3 Year – 30K
After 4 Year – 36K
After 5 Year – Upto 45K
After that you will get bored.

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