Top 10 Android Interview Questions And Answers

Top 10 Android Interview Questions And Answers

What is an Activity in android?

An Activity is a single Screen in an simple Application, with a supporting Simple Java Source code.

What are Resources in android?

Simple meanning of the Resources is a user-supplied, Like as a XML, Bitmap as well as other files, injected into simple the Application make a build some process which can latter be more loaded Form code.

What is Android?

Simple Meanning of the Android Delivers a full or complete set of the Software for some mobile devices: Like as an operating System, Middleware and some key mobile Application.

What is a Web-view in android?

“Web-view is a simple Meanning of the View that Display web pages inside your web-application”

What is an intent in android?

An Android mobile intent is an simple object carrying an intent.

Types of the intent in android?

1.Explicit intent
2.Implicit intent

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Intent Methods in android?


Content provider methods in android?


Content URIS in android?


:// /  / 

Dialog Boxes in android?

Alert Dialog Boxe

Android Terminologies in android?


LifeCycle of an Android Application in android?

What is Activity?
5.onSaveinstancestate() & onRestoreinstancestate()

Android Component in android?

3.content providers
5.Broadcast Receivers
7.Notification manager

  1. What is Android?
  2. Describe Android application Architecture?
  3. What is An Activity?
  4. How to update UI from a service?
  5. What folders are impotent in android project?
  6. What are application Widgets?
  7. How do you find any view element into your program?
  8. What are the tools are placed in An Android SDK?
  9. What is viewGroup?
  10. What is a service?
  11. What is a content provider?
  12. What are the notifications available?
  13. What is container?
  14. What is ADB?
  15. What is ANR?
  16. What is an Adapter?
  17. What are the exceptions available?
  18. What is an explicit Intent?
  19. What is an implicit Intent?
  20. What is shared preferences?
  21. What are the key components in android architecture?
  22. What does the intent filter do?
  23. Where layouts are placed?
  24. How to Translate in Android?
  25. How is the use of web view in Android?
  26. Why can’t you run java byte code on Android?
  27. How does android track the application on process?
  28. How to change application name after its deployment?
  29. Define the application resource file?
  30. How to launch an activity?
  31. What is drawable folder?
  32. What are the type of flags to run an application?
  33. What is An android manifest file?
  34. What language does android support to develop an application?
  35. What do ADT stands for?
  36. How do you pass the data to sub-activities android?
  37. What is singleton class?
  38. What is fragment?
  39. What is sleep mode?
  40. Which kernal is used?
  41. What is the APK format?
  42. What is An Intent?
  43. What is nine-patch images tool?
  44. How many dialog boxes do support?
  45. What is the order of dialog-box?
  46. What are the different storages available?
  47. What is a Sticky Intent?
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