Vue.js DatePicker Source Code Example with Demo

Today, We want to share with you Vue.js DatePicker Source Code Example with Demo.In this post we will show you Vue bootstrap-datepicker component, hear for A simple Vue.js datepicker component we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about vuejs Datepicker example code with demo with an example.

Vue.js DatePicker Source Code Example with Demo

There are the Following The simple About Vue.js DatePicker Source Code Example with Demo Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop Vue.js DatePicker, so the vuejs-datepicker disable dates for this example is following below.

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Step 1: Include vuejs library

At first we need to include vuejs Latest library file.

<script src=""></script>
@import url('[email protected]/semantic.css');
@import url('');

Step 2: JavaScript/vuejs Source Code:

This file All the Data contains the following JavaScript/vuejs Source codes.

Vue.component('datepicker', {
	name: 'datepicker',
  template: '#datepicker',
  props: {
    name: String,
    value: {
      require: true
    placeholder: String,
    readonly: Boolean
  date() {
    return {
      datepicker: null
  mounted() {
    if (!this.datepicker) {
      this.datepicker = flatpickr('.ui.input', {
        wrap: true
  destroyed() {
    this.datepicker = null

new Vue({
	el: '#livedatepicker',
  data() {
  	return {
    	date: null
  watch: {
  	date() {

Step 3: HTML Source Code:

This file contains the following HTML Markup Source codes.

<h2>A simple datepicker in VueJS</h2>
<div id="livedatepicker">
  <div class="ui form">
    <datepicker v-model="date"></datepicker>

<template id="datepicker">
  <div ref="date" class="ui left action input">
    <button class="ui icon button" data-toggle>
      <i class="calendar icon"></i>
    <input class="pakainfo" type="text" :name="name" :placeholder="placeholder" :readonly="readonly" @change="$emit('input', $" data-input/>
    <button class="ui inverted icon button" :disabled="!value" data-clear>
      <i class="remove red icon"></i>

Vue.js Date Picker Component
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